Bestzeit/Martin Rauscher

Traismauer Triathlon

The perfect training competition on well known grounds

The last 5-6 weeks Michi trained very much and well. The competition took place out of the training with pre-fatigue. Especially during the swim and bike Michi noticed that the spryness was missing.

He came out of the water in third place behind his swimming training colleague from Lake Neufeld Martin Mitteregger and his club colleague from Sportverein Orthozentrum Wien Julian Höllmüller. The swim distance was completed without wetsuit.

On the bike he managed to take the lead shortly after the descent from Krustetten. The first climb of the Challenge St. Pölten was done twice in the Olympic distance. A detour on the bike course led directly through a wine-growing area, where Michi as a wine lover from Gumpoldskirchen immediately became thirsty ;-)

The second transition went perfectly and on the run course, which was half on rough gravel, he felt strong and was able to show off his running form. 70% of the ten kilometers were off-road, which suited Michi very well.

Next stop

Next stop is the Ausee Triathlon, also organized by Bestzeit Events, in Blindenmarkt. It means continuing to train a lot of circumferences to get closer to his big goal on Big Island.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely that his whole family welcomed him at the finish line and he could take his little daughter Lola in his arms - nicer than lifting any trophy!
The route to Kona is right and Michi still has one or two aces up his sleeve.